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Due to the lockdown restrictions in the UK this birthday weekend celebration will no longer take place at the Ipswich Film Theatre. The online event marking the occasion will still go ahead.

February marks the birthday month of film composers John Williams and the late Jerry Goldsmith. Ipswich Film Theatre was due to celebrate with a special weekend of films devoted to the work of both artists, but due to the UK's national shutdown it was necessary to cancel this weekend.

We’re delighted to confirm that the companion online programme, SCORE MASTERS, will still be broadcast.

Tune into our YouTube channel at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST on Monday 8th February - John Williams' birthday - to watch the live premiere or set you reminder now.

SCORE MASTERS commences a regular strand celebrating the art of film scoring and we're delighted to launch with the support of The Legacy of John Williams and The Goldsmith Odyssey. In our exclusive opening event celebrating the work of film composers John Williams (JAWS, STAR WARS, E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL) and Jerry Goldsmith (THE OMEN, PLANET OF THE APES, TOTAL RECALL), we are joined in discussion by some of the most creative and talented artists working in the field: Academy Award®-nominated composer David Newman (GALAXY QUEST, ICE AGE, ANASTASIA), Grammy® award-winning conductor Leonard Slatkin (Music Director Laureate of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra), legendary music recording engineer Bruce Botnick (known for his work with The Beach Boys and The Doors, as well as both Williams and Goldsmith), soundtrack record producer Michael Matessino (Star Trek: The Motion PictureHarry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection), writer and journalist Jeff Bond (Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Art and Visual EffectsDanse Macabre: 25 Years of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton), composer Leanna Primiani, and pianist/keyboardist Mike Lang, both of whom have worked with Williams and Goldsmith!

This exclusive event is available to watch from Monday 8th February on the Ipswich Film Theatre YouTube channel, the same day as John Williams' birthday and two days before Jerry Goldsmith's birthday! This is a treat for anybody interested in the convergence of film and music, and the unique legacy of two of cinema's most accomplished artists.

Daniel Champion, director of the IFT, said: "We are deeply honoured to be continuing with the online birthday event and our thanks goes out to our partners at The Legacy of John Williams and The Goldsmith Odyssey. We're thrilled that audiences will still have the opportunity to hear from some of the most creative musicians, composers and conductors working in the film industry today, and we look forward to celebrating in person for the next birthday."

Widely regarded by many as the most accomplished film composer of all time, John Williams has lent his musical personality to cinematic legends like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Superman and Darth Vader. With 52 Academy Award nominations he is the second most-nominated individual, after Walt Disney. In 2005 the American Film Institute selected Williams’ score to George Lucas’ 1977 STAR WARS as the greatest score of all time. The U.S. Library of Congress also entered the STAR WARS soundtrack album into the National Recording Registry as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Williams’ extraordinary list of musical achievements include scores to films as varied as JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, HOME ALONE, IMAGES, DRACULA, THE TOWERING INFERNO, FAR AND AWAY, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and SCHINDLER’S LIST, for which he won his fifth Oscar.

Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004) was an American composer whose big break came with the television series, PLAYHOUSE 90 in the 1950s. He followed this with an increasing roster of TV work including DR. KILDARE, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MAN FROM UNCLE, THE WALTONS, BARNABY JONES and many more. Goldsmith’s early film scores were delicate, quiet or atonal works, informed by his decade in television. His intimate score for 1962’s LONELY ARE THE BRAVE brought widespread recognition and in 1968 he began a long, fruitful collaboration with director, Franklin J. Schaffner with PLANET OF THE APES. This relationship went on to deliver such cinematic classics as PATTON, PAPILLON, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM and THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL.

At the time of his passing in 2004, Goldsmith had received 18 Academy Award nominations (he won only one, for director Richard Donner’s THE OMEN), and had scored 200 films including five STAR TREK films, the RAMBO trilogy and the OMEN trilogy. He also left behind a legacy of collaborations with some of cinema’s most distinguished directors including Robert Wise, Howard Hawks, Otto Preminger, Roman Polanski, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and Michael Winner. Goldsmith's ability to quickly provide beautiful, effective scores, sometimes in a matter of days, earned him the catchphrase "don't worry, Jerry will fix it".

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