Friday Late Nights

Special late night screenings

The  Friday Late Night screenings first started at Ipswich Film Theatre back in the late ‘70s and sadly over the years disappeared.

The current directors, Dan and Neil, can remember attending some of these during the late 80’s and early 90’s when very occasionally one would slip into the programme and they’d always end up being a lot of fun.

Late night movie screenings originated back in the 1950’s in the US on television and were often referred to then as “Midnight Movies”. They would invariably feature low-budget genre films and it was not until the 1970’s that late night screenings of films in cinemas really took off with the aim of building a cult audience.

Films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, El Topo, Eraserhead and Night of the Living Dead are just a small example of some of the favourites that were regularly screened back in the day.

We want to emulate those times and bring back a strand that previous audiences of the Ipswich Film Theatre once enjoyed and as a way of encouraging a new audience by screening films we believe perfectly fit this strand and showcases both new and repertory cinema at it’s best.

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There are currently no films scheduled. Please check back soon.

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Friday Late Nights

Special late night screenings

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