Suffolk Shorts: Animation (12A)

Sunday 10 Oct


Film Details

The Magentalman and The Gentlemint

Dir: James Crang

Dur: 04:50

The Magentalman lives an ordinary life in his empty world, every day is the same. Life is boringly black and white, until there’s green. Mint green. A gay love story about how it feels to find your soulmate.

Change Return

Dir: Robert Findlay

Dur: 05:13

In an underground city where services such as healthcare and law enforcement are delegated to local vending machines a man finds a crafty way to buy a cheap meal, but his method leads to an odd outcome.


Dir: Meg Dupont

Dur: 03:03

A stop motion animated documentary on 20mm stamps, exposing the fragility of hand-written letters.

The Ribbon

Dir: Jonathan Galland

Dur: 04:25

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.

What’s Left to Say

Dir: George Farrow-Hawkins

Dur: 03:04

What’s Left to Say’ by Constant Follower illustrated with kitchen towel, sandpaper, and cardboard packaging, to reflect the way our memories of people become irrefutably tied to the spaces we associate with them.


Dir: Dayoung Hwang

Dur: 02:40

Faced is a 2D animated film that shows the process of obtaining facial features in a unique and imaginative way. During this process, the main character Rita goes through struggles after realizing she is unhappy with her facial features.


Dir: Isolda Milenkovic

Dur: 06:30

Vasilisa is an experimental multi-medium animated short film informed by the slavic folk tale of Vasilisa the Fair.


Dir: Yanming Yang

Dur: 04:30

A panda and a man are trapped inside a tiny space with a magic red book. The man is eager to get the book while the panda is in charge of it, what is inside the book?

Quick Fix

Dir: Alexandra Lemay

Dur: 03:30

Quick Fix is a stop-motion/Live-action hybrid that explores the comedic parallels between our throwaway habits and serial dating. This bittersweet love affair follows a coffee cup who becomes smitten by his drinker.


Dir: Felippe Steffens

Dur: 07:06

Tom was just a normal dog when he went to space with his human, Mei. When she leaves for a space walk and doesn't come back, Tom has to take control of the International Space Station to keep it working while he waits for Mei’s return, and the return to his life as it was before.

My Tagalong

Dir: Jerry Wang

Dur: 06:40

A story about two Gemini brothers' journey on the earth. The Older brother wants to enjoy the trip himself, but his younger brother always follows him and makes a lot of trouble.

Her Song

Dirs: Éabha Bortolozzo, Jack Kirwan

Dur: 06:51

Her Song sees Eve learning of her Grandmother's harrowing history in a Mother & Baby home. Woven through her past is the mythological and misunderstood figure of the Banshee, whose comforting presence inspires the strength she needs to tell her story.

Certificate: 12A

Running Time: 58 minutes

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