A Tribute to Sean Connery

This month we celebrate the late Sir Thomas Sean Connery, who passed away in October 2020, aged 90. Connery made his uncredited debut in 1954 musical, LILACS IN THE SPRING, and went on to grudgingly enjoy four decades of stardom. Between 1962 and 1967 he played James Bond in five extraordinarily successful films, returning in 1971 for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (and again in 1983 for the unofficial NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN). Following his success with Bond, Connery took on roles that traded on his Bond association, such as his role as Indiana Jones' dad in Steven Spielberg's INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989), and the ageing superspy in Michael Bay's THE ROCK (1996). It seemed as though Connery, try as he might, could not shake the vodka martini reputation.

We've delved deeper in into Connery's oeuvre, though, and are pleased to present some of the best British and American films of his career: Alfred Hitchcock's MARNIE, John McTiernan's THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, Sidney Lumet's THE OFFENCE and THE ANDERSON TAPES, and Brian De Palma's THE UNTOUCHABLES, for which Connery won his first and only Oscar as Best Supporting Actor.

THE UNTOUCHABLES is presented on 35mm. We're proud to be one of the last remaining cinemas in the region to still be exhibiting on real film.

Tickets are available now.

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