A Notice on (Continued) Closure

To all our wonderful customers,

On Friday 30th October we were over the moon after being informed by our landlord, Ipswich Borough Council, that essential building works would be completed in time to allow us to meet our revised reopening date of 20th November. As this meant we would be able to present Henry Blake's County Lines two days later – followed by a Q&A with the director live on stage – we couldn't wait to start sales so that you would have the opportunity to hear first-hand from this wonderful director.

This weekend central government announced another national lockdown. Whatever your feelings on these, for us this is a devastating move and another blow to the arts, the independent sector, free enterprise and individual business owners – drivers of the UK's economy. And a note on that – the economy isn't invisible money, that's furlough. The economy is us, it's what we do every day in raising our children to have free thought, in bringing joy to others, in living a life and contributing to our local community and environment. The idea one can separate the economy from health and wellbeing is a disturbing one.

So we are deeply disappointed that, after finally having the future in our sights, we now remain shuttered until December.

But, as the livelihoods of independent women and men are dealt another blow, we are determined to weather this. The creative industry is nothing if not resilient.

We have to believe that we have a future.

Dan Champion
Ipswich Film Theatre

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