Your Safety

In order to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees we have initiated the following new measures:

  • IFT1 is operating with a seating capacity reduction of approx. 70% (originally 207, now approx. 60 to 70); people from the same household and social bubble may sit together; seats will be allocated based on a social distancing protocol applied by our Box Office software - alternate rows are removed from sale and a gap of two seats is automatically applied to ensure distancing is maintained; sanitising will take place between screenings.
  • Online bookings preferred (this reduces the need for physical tickets).
  • Contactless payments preferred if purchasing your tickets on the door, but we will continue to accept cash for as long as it is legal tender - you have our word!
  • Foor markings will denote social distancing guidance when queuing for the Box Office and Kiosk, with perspex screens in place at both points of sale.
  • Hand sanitisers are available for customers at the Box Office and each entrance to IFT1.
  • Ushers will ensure auditorium exit doors are open at the end of each film and we ask that customers use discretion in maintaining sufficient distance when exiting.
  • Travel throughout the building is one-way, entry into the auditorium is via the main staircase. If you need to leave the auditorium for any reason during the film we ask that you exit by the right hand doors and re-enter via the main staircase.
  • The UK Government requires that customers wear a face covering when walking throughout the building. This can be removed once seated in order to consume food and drink. Some of our team may also be wearing a face covering.
  • Please treat all customers with respect – some may have hidden illnesses that prevent them from wearing a face covering. In this case they are likely to be carrying an exemption card. Some of our team may also be carrying exemption cards. We ask that you treat all with respect.
  • The UK Government asks that cutsomers use their smartphone to scan the QR code upon entry for Test and Trace purposes. The UK Government asks those without a smartphone to provide their details on the paper slips provided at the Box Office. These details will be retained securely by Ipswich Film Theatre for no more than 21 days in accordance with GDPR regulations.

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