Primary with Q&A (N/A)

Friday 6 Nov

Primary with Q&A (N/A)

Part of the US Elections Season

Robert Drew's groundbreaking 1960 film PRIMARY is one of the most important and influential documentaries in the history of the medium. A pioneering work in the documentary movement that came to be known as cinéma vérité, PRIMARY follows the young charismatic senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy, as he goes head-to-head with established Minnesota senator Hubert Humphrey to win the Wisconsin presidential primary in April 1960.

Film writer, author and screenwriter, Joseph McBride, was just 12 when he worked on the Kennedy campaign in Wisconsin and can even be briefly seen towards the end of the film. He has kindly recorded a Q&A with us to be screened alongside the documentary.

Director: Robert Drew

Cast: John F Kennedy

Certificate: N/A

Running Time: 85 minutes

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Friday 6 Nov

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