1917 (15)

Dir: Sam Mendes

Cast: Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Colin Firth

UK/US, 2019, 119 mins

An immersive WWI thriller in which two British soldiers are tasked with crossing enemy territory in order to warn a cut-off battalion that they are walking into a trap set by the Germans. Doing their best to avoid being detected, they soon find that danger can come in many forms, including booby traps and collateral battle damage. Unfolding in real time and seemingly consisting of a single take, this is an impressive technical achievement which captures trench warfare with raw, startling immediacy.

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Fri 7th Feb 7:30pm
Sat 8th Feb 2:30pm 7:30pm
Wed 12th Feb 7:30pm
Thu 13th Feb 2:30pm 7:30pm

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