News Update

IFT re-opens !

We’re delighted to be open again after our forced closure – don’t forget to check out our new ceiling.
You’ll have noticed that we have reduced the number of day’s we’re open. We’re sorry to have had to cut back but declining audiences have forced us to take a long, hard look at our operations and a reduced screening schedule is the only way we can continue to operate. We hope you will understand and continue to support us in providing an alternative to the other mainstream cinemas in Ipswich. Please remember that old adage, if you don’t use it  you might lose it. We depend on you, our audience,  to continue. We look forward to welcoming you back to a feast of fantastic cinema !

About IFT

A two screen cinema, IFT is Ipswich’s only independent cinema. It is situated in the Corn Exchange in King Street, Ipswich.

IFT specialises in independent and world cinema. It presents films for people who are looking for something different from the mainstream Hollywood/multiplex experience.